January #Instagram

Buzznet, I'm back, it's quite complicated to keep my other blog and here too. Anyway, come to see my January Instagram, the year started well…
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Jan 29, 2013
Sabrina Eras, MariMoon, Kerli, Me and Chemicalpic

WishList de Novembro!

Todo mês é a mesma coisa, maldito consumismo! Roupas, perucas, maquiagens, sapatos, perfumes, são coisas que já não consigo ficar sem comprar há um tempinho…
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Nov 07, 2012

Vampire Photoshoot by Chemical

I did some special photos for this Halloween, with my friend and Photographer, Chemical. I'm a vampire.What did you think? Photos: Chemical | Clothes: Chemical |…
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Oct 30, 2012

I'ma Little Devil

Horns and Collar: Malice Store | Lens: Shoppingholics | Make Up: Myself | Photos: Myself
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Oct 25, 2012

So Flawless!

Garland and Necklace (Sabrina Eras): Malice Store | Lens: Shoppingholics | Clothes: Marisa | Make Up: Myself | Photo: Myself
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Oct 24, 2012
Malice Store Gifts!pic

Malice Store Gifts!

Ontem eu ganhei vários presentinhos da minha amiga Lua (Chemical), da loja dela (Malice Store) eu estou completamente apaixonada com os acessórios, que a maioria…
Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Oct 18, 2012

Weekly Inspiration: Pastel Goth

Crosses, headbands, Flores, Eyeball Hair Clips, Bones Hair Clips, Pastel Colors, Spikes. I confess, I am totally in love with this style! It is very…
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Oct 17, 2012
black black black hairpic

black black black hair

What do you think? HOT or NOT?

Dressing-Room by Nick Ventura

Yay, I took some pictures with my boyfriend this Sunday, nothing was planned, but I quite liked the photos and would like to share with…
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Sep 25, 2012
red red redpic


Our dear Xtina is back! Already on radios. And the 17th will be available for download on iTunes, her new single "Your Body". The cover…
Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Sep 12, 2012

Lady Gaga Shaved Half Her Head!

Lady Gaga is changing her hair more than usual. Today she appeared with a new haircut in honor of a friend. Crazy, no? Lady Gaga…

WishList de Setembro

Já faz alguns "anos" que eu não posto nada aqui no Buzznet, né? Depois que eu comecei com o meu outro Blog (Die in P!NK)…
Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Sep 04, 2012

July #Instagram

July was really good, I spent almost all my weekends in a Hotel with my boyfriend hahah was really good, I needed that. Can I…
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Aug 07, 2012
Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Aug 07, 2012

Lindsay Woods by FOLIE Photoshoot!

Channelling Marie Antoinette in these photos. Which one is your favorite? Photos: Lua Amanda (CHEMICAL) | Clothes: Madame Sher | MakeUp: Camila Irala www.foliefotografia.com | www.madamesher.com  
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Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Jun 22, 2012
Collar necklacepic

Collar necklace

Tomorrow I'll post a video tutorial, teaching how to make a collar necklace :)

DIY: Glitter Shoes

Finally I found the Glitter! Check out my first video tutorial on how to customize your "sickening" shoe, in a "new" with GLITTER! I hope…

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized After Car Accident

Lindsay Lohan is hospitalized after a car accident, and is admitted to hospital in Los Angeles, the website TMZ reported on Friday (8). According to…

Concurso Cultural - Eu sou o Primeiro Encontro

Neste Dia dos Namorados a Nikon presenteará a melhor foto e sua respectiva história de primeiro encontro com uma Nikon COOLPIX S4300. Para participar, os…
Lindsay Woods
Lindsay Woods Jun 06, 2012

Die Antwoord - Baby's On Fire [MUSIC VIDEO]

Check out the new Music Video of Die Antwoord, Baby's On Fire. I'm delighted with them, are so original and creative hahah Yo-Landi is really…
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